Three Preludes for Clarinet and Piano

Composer: George Gershwin

Edited by Charles Neidich

Woodwind / Clarinet / Solo with Piano

Duration (minutes): 10

Detailed Instrumentation: Clarinet, Piano


Also available signed by Charles Neidich!


Taking inspiration from Jascha Heifetz’ masterful transcription of George Gershwin’s wonderfully original 3 Preludes, editor Charles Neidich has created a piece that functions as a real duet between clarinet and piano.  Rather then simply transpose the Heifetz violin part, Neidich adapted the work to fit the clarinet, taking what works well and changing other parts, often returning to Gershwin’s original to the fit the character of the clarinet.  The transcription includes an A clarinet part in E minor for those who find the 2nd Preludes original key of D# minor daunting.

Three Preludes for Clarinet and Piano, George Gershwin

Signed Copy

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