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Artena Music was founded by world renowned clarinetists and musicians, Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima Neidich.

Their goal is to promote the highest quality equipment crafted for the clarinet lover.  To ensure that the artist is free to be as musically ambitious as one can be requires materials made to bring the music itself to life.

Both Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima Neidich have honed their playing and musicianship over years to be regarded as some of the most skilled performers alive today.  They have worked tirelessly with the companies and brands they represent and sell, being incessant on their high standards.  Working with these companies and craftsmen, they have developed a close relationship, and performer and crafter together have created the most exceptional products.

Clarinet Reeds and Accessories by Ishimori, Wood Stone in Japan.

Clarinets and Accessories by Schwenk & Seggelke in Germany.

Artena Music is the Exclusive, Authorized Dealer for Schwenk & Seggelke in the USA, and an Authorized Dealer for Ishimori, Wood Stone in the USA.

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