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Kodama II

Bb Clarinet Ligature, For French Mouthpieces

Includes Cap.


These ligatures are hand selected and tested by Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima and then brought back to the United States for purchasing.  Only the best are selected, and we have the Grenadilla and Massaranduba wood options.  


The Ivory is an Artena Music EXCLUSIVE!


This product may have slight variation in texture and color due to all the materials being completely natural.



"Massaranduba is an exotic hardwood that is native to the Amazon rainforest in the South American Amazon basin.
This product is manufactured from the highest quality lumber harvested from Massaranduba trees that are under 100 years old.
Massaranduba wood is prized for its extraordinarily high density and exceptional durability.
It is also uniquely visually appealing, with a fine, uniform texture and very little color variation.
It has a specific gravity of 1:1 .”

KODAMA II, Wood Stone Bb Clarinet Ligature, French

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