Introduction, Theme and Variations for Clarinet

Composer: Gioachino Rossini

Edited by Charles Neidich

Woodwind / Clarinet / Solo with Piano

Duration (minutes): 9

Detailed Instrumentation: Clarinet, Piano


Also available signed by Charles Neidich!


The work is based on two of Rossini’s most moving dramatic arias and remains one of the most popular virtuosic works for clarinet to this day. This critical edition by celebrated clarinetist Charles Neidich takes a fresh approach to this work, blending the 19th Century bel canto traditions which emphasize the emotional context of the arias in the musical notation with a master’s perspective on modern clarinet technique. Detailed annotations and historical background equip the clarinetist with an in-depth musical and technical facility to authentically convey the characteristic elegance and drama of Rossini’s style. The edition also includes a new cadenza by Neidich, selected from four of his original cadenzas as the one that best embraces the essence of the original work and aria inspiration.

Introduction, Theme and Variations for Clarinet, Gioachino Rossini

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