Thirty Caprices for Clarinet

Composer: Ernesto Cavallini

Edited by Charles Neidich

Woodwind / Clarinet / Collections

Duration (minutes): 96

Detailed Instrumentation: Clarinet


Also available signed by Charles Neidich!


Called the Paganini of the Clarinet by the English clarinet virtuoso, Henry Lazarus, Ernesto Cavallini was a respected friend and colleague of the most important Italian composers of his day, including Rossini, Donizetti, and Verdi. Cavallini wrote his 30 Caprices in five volumes, each including pieces for both technical and musical study. This exclusive edition by Charles Neidich restores Cavallini's expressive markings in their original Italian, missing in other editions, and includes a lexicon of translations. Charles Neidich's superb recording of the Caprices, which serves as a window into the "bel canto" style of the etudes and as a model of the kind of performance to which the student should aspire, is available for free download at

30 Caprices for Clarinet, Ernesto Cavallini

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