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Flute Safety Guard

Dolce Musical Instruments

Dolce Safety Series

Patent pending Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-095084



Video Demonstrating Assembly:

Video Demonstrating Droplet Test:

-From Dolce Musical Instruments' Website: "Performance droplet visualization verification video "Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd." conducted a droplet visualization inspection when the safety guard was used and when it was not used.I was able to confirm that the mask receives a considerable amount of droplets compared to when it is not attached."


Just a flute mask.
Similar to the mask to avoid the spread of droplets due to conversation, it prevents the spread of droplets when playing the flute.

A safety guard is attached near the flute mouthpiece, and a specially made mask is set.
It is lightweight, does not impair the feeling of blowing and tone, does not burden the player, and the mask part can be replaced, so you can always use it in a clean state.

Flute Safety Guard

  • 1. Attach the arm to the holder and sub holder.
    2. Cover with a mask and secure with the lower part of the sub holder.
    3. Attach it to the head tube. Make sure the center of the mask is aligned with the center of the lip plate .
    4. Adjust so that the upper edge of the mask and the upper lip are at the same height when you hold the instrument.

  • Precautions for Use

    ● When installing, do not use too much force, and lightly grasp the lever to insert it. Excessive force may cause material fatigue. Be sure to handle it with the minimum force.
    ● For hygiene management, sterilize by boiling once a month for about 5 minutes.
    ● This product is intended to prevent splashing when playing the flute. Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
    ● Please refrain from using this product as a flute stand.
    ● Please do not disassemble or modify this product.
    ● We are not responsible for any accidents caused by using the product for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
    ● When storing, avoid high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of infants and pets.
    ● Product and package specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

    ****The goal of this product is to effectively help prevent the spread of droplets of the player from playing the flute.  Not 100% effective in preventing the spread of germs.

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