Eighteen Etudes for Clarinet

Composer: Paul Jeanjean

Edited by Charles Neidich

Woodwind / Clarinet / Methods

Duration (minutes): 86

Detailed Instrumentation: Clarinet


Also available signed by Charles Neidich!


Since he first played them as a student, editor Charles Neidich has had a special love for Jeanjean's 18 Etudes de peifectionnement. These etudes are highly developed concert works that can make for very impressive additions to recital programs.

Jeanjean provided wonderfully detailed directions for his etudes. This edition includes a detailed appendix, including a chart of fingerings which allow improved facility and tone over the original ones, a dictionary of French musical terms, and a consolidated index of Jeanjean's original chord descriptions, which were omitted from the previous English edition. Charles Neidich's superb recordings, which offer a window into the modern yet romantic style of the etudes and as a model of the kind of performance to which the student should aspire, is available for free download at keisersouthernmusic.com.

18 Études de perfectionnement, Paul Jeanjean

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